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Keynote Speakers for ICBMG 2018


Prof. Sirimon Treepongkaruna
The University of Western Australia, Australia

Sirimon has held academic positions at various top New Zealand and Australian research universities such as the Australian National University, Monash University and the University of Western Australia. She has in total 43 quality international and domestic publications, and also presented competitive refereed papers more than 39 times at high quality international and local conferences. She published in refereed journals such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Australian Journal of Management, International Review of Finance, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, International Review of Financial Analysis and Applied Economic Letters and won more than 25 external grants, including two Australian Research Council discovery project grants (total over than $0.7 million).

Her broad research profile includes (1) applied financial economics and empirical finance, (2) issue in international finance (e.g., term structure of interest rates, inflation, bonds, credit risk and ratings), (3) asset pricing and (4) corporate governance. The significance of her research is exemplified by its implications for policy making and asset allocation decisions. She has successfully applied a range of sophisticated time-series/cross-sectional econometric methodologies that have advanced the frontiers of International Finance research. In empirical finance, her paper on asset market linkages documents the existence of two distinct regimes: a “tranquil” regime with periods of economic expansion and a “crisis” regime with periods of economic decline. The tranquil regime is characterized by lower volatility and significantly positive stock returns. During these periods, there is also evidence of a flight from quality - from gold to stocks. By contrast, the crisis regime is characterized by higher volatility and sharply negative stock returns, along with evidence of contagion between stocks, oil and real estate. Furthermore, during these periods, there is strong evidence of a flight to quality - from stocks to Treasury bonds. Her working paper of corporate insiders also documents rent extraction by corporate insiders after the implementation of Sarbanes Oxley regulatory. Policy makers may benefit from taking these findings into account when revising or implementing their policies. Similarly, the findings are also relevant to investors’ investment and portfolio allocation decisions.

Sirimon has won various awards. These include (i) First runner up for the Best paper award in 2006 at the AsiaFA/FMA conference; (ii) Best paper award in 2009 at the Australian Banking and Finance conference; (iii) Best paper award in 2011 at Global Finance conference; (iv) Runner-Up for the 2012 Best Paper Award in the Australian Journal of Management; (v) Best paper award (Best research team category) in 2012 by Financial Research Network (FIRN); (vi) Five papers in the Top-ten downloaded papers on SSRN; (vii) 2008 College rewards for publication in top-tier journal list at the Australian National University; (viii) 2012 Dean’s Research Fellowship award from the UWA Business School; and (ix) 2015 Best Paper Award in the Australian Journal of Management.

In teaching front, she published a text book “Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets” first Australian edition with co-authors Hull, Heaney, Pitt and Colwell; first launched in 2014. She also developed the UWA Foreign Exchange Trading Game (FXT) in 2010 and successfully implemented for teaching a large class (more than 300 students) undergraduate unit at UWA in 2011 and 2012. The FXT is a web based trading game that replicates a real world foreign exchange trading room. It has been recently redeveloped to accommodate multiple trading locations with an aim to offer the game to other universities and training for commercial banks. She received 3 nominations of teaching awards: at ANU in 2008 and UWA in 2011 and 2015. She developed a proposal for the new degree (Master of Applied Finance) first offered in semester 2, 2015 and designed all units outline, comprising the degree.

She also contributes to various conference, acting as conference scientific committees: 2013 and 2014 International Accounting and Finance Doctoral Symposium (IAFDS), 2009 and 2012 Financial Management Association (FMA) Asian Conference, 2009 Eastern Finance Association (EFA) Conference, 2009, 2015 and 2016 Asian Finance Association (AsianFA) Conference, 2010 FINSIA conference, 2012 Auckland Finance Meeting Conference; Stream-chair of International Finance and Trade for 2009 ANZIBA conference; Co-chair Organising Committee for 2014 International Corporate Governance (ICGS) symposium in Thailand. She supervised more than 20 Honours, Masters and Doctoral students to completion and served as PhD/Masters examiner for national and international universities and as reviewer for high quality journals.


Prof. Steen Thomsen
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Steen Thomsen is Professor and founding chairman at the Center for Corporate Governance, Copenhagen Business School. He specializes in corporate governance as a teacher, researcher, consultant and commentator. His academic publications include 38 international journal articles and several books on the subject. His research is currently focused on industrial foundations – foundations that own business firms. Steen has served as a non-executive board member in several business companies and is currently on the board of two consulting firms. He is a founding board member of the International Corporate Governance Society, the Board Leadership Society in Denmark and academic director of the CBS board programs. He writes columns for the leading Danish business newspaper, Børsen, and has served as a consultant and lecturer to several large companies and government organizations. He has also contributed to best practice codes, public policy and legislation in the area of corporate governance and industrial foundations. He is married to Annette Blegvad, lives in Charlottenlund, North of Copenhagen, and is the father of two grown-up boys.
Speech Title: Ownership Structure at IKEA
Abstract: This case study examines the governance role played by the Interogo Foundation as owner of the Inter IKEA Group (the owner and franchisor of the Ikea concept) and its other subsidiaries. The IKEA businesses are the largest home furnishing operation in the world. In total, the various companies have around 200.000 employees and annual revenues exceeding 38.3 billion €. The IKEA businesses have exhibited impressive self-financed growth since their inception in 1943. During the 1980s, the original IKEA business was divided into three independent holding companies owned respectively by two independent foundations and the founding Kamprad Family. The IKEA franchise businesses also include a number of other franchisees owned by listed companies or private owners.


Assoc. Prof. George Shan
The University of Western Australia, Australia

Dr. George Shan is the Associate Professor in the Accounting and Finance Discipline of the Business School at The University of Western Australia. He holds Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Applied Finance, Master of Commerce (Accounting) and completed his PhD in Accounting and Corporate Governance. George is CA (Australia), CPA (Australia) and CMA (Australia). Previously, he has worked at several Australian and international universities including University of South Australia, University of Ballarat, the University of Adelaide and University of Rome Tor Vergata. Among them the University of Adelaide and the University of Western Australia are ranked the top universities in the world and Group of Eight in Australia, where he taught Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Accounting Concepts & Practices, Corporate Governance & Accountability, Investment Banking & Project Finance, Portfolio & Fund Management, and Financial Risk Analysis. He is a registered principal supervisor for PhD students, and his current research areas and interests include corporate governance and its related topics within accounting and finance (i.e., firm performance, accounting quality, earnings management, tunneling, audit quality, and corporate social responsibility). He has published over 30 academic journal and conference papers based in recent 5 years, including Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, Emerging Markets Review, Family Business Review, Modern Asian Studies, Corporate Governance: An International Review and Journal of Computer Information Systems. Professor Shan received the title of “High Research Active” since 2010, and was awarded couple best paper prizes, including the Best Paper Award of 6th Annual London Business Research Conference in Imperial College, London, the UK.